Fly Rod Repairs & Restorations


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Services Include:

•             Finish Restoration / Rewrap / Varnish;

•             Break repairs;

•             Repair Ferrule Wraps;

•             Guide rewrapping / replacement;

•             Replace or Repair Cork Handles;

•             Replace or Repair a damaged Reel Seat.

As an angler, we have all had it happen.  The fishing rod breaks while fighting a fish, a door closes on a rod, or your beautiful 4-year old just happens to “find” your fly rod in an unnatural shape ….

Do you have a broken rod that is not covered by a warranty?  Would you like an old rod refurbished?  Would you like a bespoke custom rod? These of course I can do!  Not only rods – I also refurbish and repair old fly reels! 

Is your rod sentimental, antique, has no replacement spares available, or you just need a spare rod.

Perhaps you just want it as a “Wall Hanger” … or sometimes, you want a rod repaired in order fish it …

Perhaps it was your Grandfather’s or your Great Grandfather’s and there is some sentimental value … or you just want your rod fixed so that it looks “nice” again …

From the re-wrapping and varnishing of an entire rod of almost any material – to a single guide re-wrap, we can certainly help you with the restoration and repairs.  All types of rod materials can be worked on.  Graphite, Bamboo, Split Cane, Fibreglass – even old steel rods!

Whether you have a break, a crushed section, a loose reel seat, or cork damage, please contact us for an estimate