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In ancient Greek mythology, NAIADS are a type of female spirit, goddess or nymph said to inhabit and preside over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water.

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What we do

As an angler, we have all had it happen!

Your rod breaks whilst fighting a fish; a car door gets closed on a rod; you lose a section whilst hiking to a spot; you stumble and trip on a rock and land on your prized possession; or your beautiful 4-year old just happens to “find” your fly rod and bends it into a permanent shape that just cannot return back to normal.

Do you have a broken rod (or one that is not covered by a [expensive and timely] warranty)?

Would you like an old rod refurbished?

Would you like a bespoke custom rod?

These of course I can do!

Not only rods – I also refurbish and repair old fly reels! 

Is your rod sentimental, antique, has no replacement spares available, or you just need a spare rod. Perhaps you just want it as a “Wall Hanger”… or sometimes, you want a rod repaired in order fish it…

Perhaps it was your Grandfather’s or your Great Grandfather’s and there is some sentimental value… or you just want your rod fixed so that it looks “nice” again!

From the re-wrapping and varnishing of an entire rod of almost any material – to a single guide re-wrap, we can certainly help you with the restoration and repairs.
All types of rod materials can be worked on. Graphite, Bamboo, Split Cane, Fibreglass – even old steel rods!

Whether you have a break, a crushed section, a loose reel seat, need a new guide, have cork damage, or anything else.
Contact us for an estimate.

Custom Landing nets

We specialize in the craft of making high quality custom landing nets. Whether for salt or fresh water, trout or tiger fish – our nets promise to make that special fish landing moment even more memorable. Each net is painstakingly handcrafted and done so with tons of love.

rod repairs & REFURBISHMENT

Whether its a rod snap, a fracture or a tip break; with years of experience Naiad has come to specialize in fixing damaged rods of all types and getting them back to perfect condition. 

Replacing guides, handles, reel seats, guide rewrapping, conversion to 4 piece, and more.

The trust and feedback from our clients speaks for itself.

FLY Reel servicing

Proper care and maintenance is crucial for the longevity of any fishing reel. Often a good service is all that’s needed to get your favourite reel working good as new. 

FLY Reel refurbishment

We specialize in full refurbishment of fly fishing equipment. This includes restoring classic reels as well as more modern reel types used in all varieties of conditions.

Happy clients

“My precious 9wt fly rod recently snapped during a fishing trip and I was distraught, fortunately Andrew at Naiad was recommended and I am honestly super happy with the repair. I have caught several fish since - including a solid kob on the Breede river. The rod looks and feels as if it never broke.”

JJ VIljoen
Johannesburg - South Africa

Andrew Strachan

Andrew has been fishing pretty much his whole life throwing a line with bait, a lure or a fly whenever and wherever he can.

He is however is a flyfisher at heart and the proud owner of Naiad fishing nets and rod repairs. A master in the craft of rod repairs with a reputation for repairing breaks, crushes and other defects to near good as new condition - as well as end to end restorations.

Born out of a lifelong passion for all kinds of fishing, particularly fly-fishing, combined with the love of working with my hands and restoring items to their former glory! Every job is different!
Compounded with the love of working with wood, the handcrafting of bespoke custom nets has evolved into a means of a self-funded hobby – theoretically covering the costs of the “bucket list” trips.

Professionally (some call it real work) Andrew is in the corporate IT industry selling, implementing and delivering Software Business Applications to a wide range of clients.

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